Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thrifted Sweater Re-Vamps

Thanks to inspiration from amazing DIY blogs like and my own refusal to buy something when I could so obviously make it myself, I was able to give new life to a couple of homely old sweaters. These hot little numbers set me back a whopping $0.50 a piece, plus about a dollar in lace for the one (now that I have been introduced to the amazing Mill End fabrics!).

This sweater skirt was born from a men's wool sweater. To get an approximation of the size and shape I wanted, I laid a stretchy skirt I already had on top, lining up the hem with the bottom of the sweater, allowed room for seams, and cut. Then I sewed it together, tried it on, and unfortunately had to take it in a bit before I got it right. I used some leftover elastic for the top, just adding it into a tunnel I sewed, as you would for a drawstring, and then sewed it closed. Voila, a trendy and comfy sweater skirt on the cheap, and uniquely yours.

The grey sweater looked very granny-style to start with. It's super soft, but was rather shapeless, so I took it in along the sides to make it more fitted, and then added the lace along the side seams. Piece of cake.

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