Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hello Again!

I have more to share, as I just can't seem to get enough of re-styling and crafting lately. I'm still quite the novice with the sewing machine, but after this cut-out dress project, I feel a little prouder of my seamstress skills -- pitiful though they may be. Both of these projects, one old, one brand new, were ideas from the wonderful A Pair and a Spare, and apparently the theme of of the two is: cheap.

Old project: Rug Mini Skirt

I picked up two rugs from the dollar store, traced the outline of a stretchy skirt I own onto one, stacked them, sewed them together, and cut off the extra. Turns out, my rugs are not quite as stretchy as the ones featured on the original blog, so the lack of zipper makes for a shimmy-in kind of fit, but also for a slimming effect, as it sucks you in nicely. Being made from rugs, and quite snug, I found it's a warm garment, so I've saved it for cooler weather...

New project: Cut-Out Dress

This started as another amazing $0.50 thrift store find -- I was not about to invest money in a dress I was going to cut holes in without any promise of success. A somewhat boring Ann Taylor LBD that I shortened and took in with my first attempt at darts -- worked out alright. Then I followed the borrowed directions of cutting a T shape to create the triangle cut-out for the front. Pretty simple overall. Certainly changed up this would-be conservative dress to something a little edgier.

Combined cost of these projects: $2.50 (+ time & patience)
How crazy is that?

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