Sunday, April 17, 2011

Furlough Friday = Crafty Friday!

I put my Friday off of use and crafted away! Here's what I came up with:

For my first project I found a $0.
97 long sleeve
tee from
Old Navy, chopped off the sleeves, & made them into bows that I sewed onto the newly cut cap sleeves. I stole this idea (and even found the exact shirt) from Super easy, and a fun nautically-inspired summer look.

The next project idea came from a blog called Dear Lizzy. The white shirt was a $1.97 ON number that started off XXL, but I cut down the sides and re-sewed it to my liking. With the extra I fabric I cut strips, pinned, and sewed on ruffles. I did the same with the grey shirt, though this was just a boring old thing from my closet that had been doomed to pajama wear. Voila! New life! Check out my $11 outfit with my custom new white tee and $9 BCBG pants ;)

Last of all, on this ruffle-theme, I took a chain I found on the $1 table at the Sac Antiques Fair, and some scrap fabric and finally completed a project I had bookmarked ages ago from Pretty straightforward project, but I really like the combination of soft fabric with chunky chain.

Be on the lookout for ruffle shirt gifts next Christmas ;)

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